Our challenges

Era4Health Partnership: Fostering a European Research Area for Health Research.

This Partnership brings the opportunity to increase European transnational collaborative research funding by creating a funding body for joint programming in priority areas addressing European public health needs.

The EU-funded ERA4Health Partnership brings together 33 partners and 27 funding  organisations from 22 countries, with the common goal of fostering high-impact translational research for addressing public health needs.

Through cross-national joint calls for proposals, other cross-cutting activities and an optimal use of and making the most of interregional and international cooperation, ERA4Health aims to provide influential contributions as well as a sustainable model of funding for ground-breaking translational research in the health domain across Europe and beyond.

ERA4Health focuses on tackling diseases and reducing disease burden by addressing the following challenges:

1- The increasing demand for a better quality of life and a better patient care .

2- The need to transform public health care systems into more effective, efficient, equitable, accessible, and resilient ones.

3- The need to strengthen disease prevention and health promotion.

33 Partners covering:​

17 of the actual 27 members of the European Union​

3 Third countries associated to Horizon Europe (Israel, Norway, Turkey)​

2 Third countries (Egypt, Taiwan)


Photo by Jeremy Bishop at  Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash