NutriBrain 2024 – The full-proposal submission phase is now open

29 Mar 24
After the eligibility checks and the scientific evaluation of the pre-proposals’ applications received, the NutriBrain Joint Call Secretariat has invited the selected applicants to submit their full-proposal by the 27th of May ...

From Research to Publication – Reviewer’s and Editor’s Perspective

28 Mar 24
Organiser: AquaticPollutants PhD Forum Lecturer: Prof. Shlomo Vinker Topic: Writing and publishing scientific articles, from the editor’s view.

How to get the most out of attending a conference

28 Mar 24
Organiser: The International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA) Lecturer: Dr Michael Wheeler, School of Exer & Nutr Sciences, Deakin University Topic: Conferences are one of the best ways and ...

What is the Future of Nanomedicines?

28 Mar 24
Organiser: Nanomedicines Innovation Network (NMIN) Lecturer: Dr. Pieter Cullis, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada Topic: from Vancouver Nanomedicine Day 2023, Dr. Pieter Cullis presents his vision of where the nanomedicine ...

Cancer nanomedicine: Using gold nanoparticles to overcome radiotherapy challenges

28 Mar 24
Organiser: Nanomedicines Innovation Network (NMIN) Lecturer: Dr. Devika Chithrani, Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Victoria, Canada Topic: Improvement of current radiation therapy using nanotechnology. How can we exploit ...

Addressing the obesity epidemic: from population level to individual level interventions

28 Mar 24
Organiser: European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC) Video : (video no available) Lecturers: Professor V. Aboyans (Limoges, FR) , Professor M. Petrie (Glasgow, GB) Topic: Risk Factors and Prevention. This webinar is designed for Cardiologists, ...

Innovations in ICD therapy: from transvenous to extravascular

28 Mar 24
Organiser: European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) Link: (video not available) Lecturers: Professor L. Boersma (Nieuwegein, NL) , Doctor F. Murgatroyd (London, GB) Topic: Ventricular Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)

10 years of nutrition research

28 Mar 24
Lecturer: Prof. dr. John Mathers, Newcastle University &JPI HDHL Scientific Advisory Board vice-chair. Topic: Advances in nutrition and health research over the past 10 years and a glimpse into the future ...

Ultra-processed foods – Panel Discussion

28 Mar 24
Organiser: Healthy Diet Healthy Life (HDHL) Lecturers: Topic: The purpose of this webinar is to shine a more balanced light on ultra- processed foods from various perspectives and to explore the ...

Ultra-processed foods: towards a balanced perspective

28 Mar 24
Organiser: Healthy Diet Healthy Life (HDHL) Lecturers: Topic: The term ultra-processed foods often ignites strong opinions and even controversies. The JPI HDHL organised a webinar on 15/06/2023 with key experts on ...