Partnership for Sustainable Food Systems

On June 19 2024, more than 100 research and innovation experts convened in Dijon to help support the transition to sustainable food systems by sharing insights, initiatives and joining forces within the EU-co-funded FutureFoodS partnership.
FutureFoodS is the selected co-funded partnership on Food Systems of Horizon Europe Framework Program, involving 87 partners from 29 countries. The aim? To accelerate the development of sustainable food systems by mobilising European research and innovation toward that goal.

Planned actions

Planned actions include open calls for research and innovation, with one launched already before the end of 2024. The partnership will also develop Living Labs, create a new European food system observatory, and organise several knowledge sharing events.
The partnership strives to accelerate the transformation of national, EU and global food systems to make them safe, sustainable, healthy, resilient and trusted for everyone while staying within our planetary boundaries. This contributes to the European Union’s Green Deal objective ‘Fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food systems, from primary production to consumption’.
The kick-off meeting was organised by The French National Research Agency (ANR) and German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE). Special thanks to John Bell of the European Commission, Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann from the United Nations, and all the panellists of the round table representing related initiatives (SCAR, CLEVERFOOD, AGROECOLOGY, WATER4All, ERA4Health) that also contribute to the FutureFoodS partnership.