The ERA4Health objectives are to:

  • Support relevant medical research including clinical fields and intervention areas (prevention, diagnosis, treatment).
  • Improve the utilisation of existing health technologies in clinical practice.
  • Build capacity, in particular in conducting Investigator Initiated Clinical Studies at EU scale.
  • Implement and advance the practice of RRI across the breadth of the programme.

ERA4Health will be implemented in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 will implement joint calls focused on nutrition and lifestyle-related diseases, cardiovascular diseases and nanomedicine. Four calls are expected to be launched during the first two years).
  • Phase 2. After Phase I, additional joint calls and multinational investigator initiated clinical studies for other priority areas are expected to be launched in accordance with the decision of the Health Programme Committee and the European Commission.

Work package structure

ERA4Health will pursue the previous objectives through the implementation of 22 interrelated work packages divided into 4 pillars:

  • Pillar 0 for Management and Coordination
  • Pillar 1 for Strategic Planning
  • Pillar 2 for Joint Funding Activities
    • Pillar 2A – Joint Transnational Calls
    • Pillar 2B – Investigator Initiated Clinical Studies
  • Pillar 3 for Transversal activities