The Partnership “Fostering a European Research Area for Health” (ERA4Health) aims at establishing a flexible and effective coordination between funding organisations in the European Research Area (ERA) for Health and Well-being. This Partnership brings the opportunity to increase European transnational collaborative research funding by creating a funding body for joint programming in priority areas addressing European Public Health Needs. Under this umbrella, the call for proposals “Modulation of brain ageing through nutrition and healthy lifestyle” (NutriBrain) will be launched.

Call timeline

Call Pre-announcement12 October 2023
Announcement of the Call3 November 2023
Submission system will be open10 November 2023
Deadline for the submission of proposals15 January 2024 (16:00 CET)
Deadline for the submission of invited Full-proposals27 May 2024 (16:00 CET)

Further information

Joint Call Secretariat (JCS)Dr. Sara Cella and Dr. Aldo Covello