Deliverable Related NoDeliverable NoDeliverable NameLead BeneficiaryDownload
D2.1D9D First ERA4Health Annual BudgetISCIIIDownload
D4.1D28D 0.4.1 Dissemination, exploitation and communication strategy planCSO-MOHDownload
D4.2D29D 0.4.2 Project website and project communication materialFICYTDownload
D4.3D30D First Communication Annual activity reportEV ILVODownload
D5.1D37D First Synergy reportISCIIIDownload
D5.5D41D First Strategy report on the engagement of prospective partners of the future ERA4Health PartnershipEV ILVODownload
D6.1D48D 1.1.1 Establishment of the Strategic Advisory BoardZonMwDownload
D6.10D57D First Annual Work PlanZonMwDownload
D7.5D64D First Annual list of selected R&I funding topicsAICIBDownload
D8.1D74D 1.3.2 Synergies Working Group EstablishmentFICYTDownload
D8.4D73D1.3.1 Portfolio of Synergies of JTC2022FICYTDownload
D10.8D90D2A.1.2.1 Public call documentsANRDownload
D14.1D128D 2B.1.1 Report on bottlenecks to multicountry IICSECRINDownload
D15.1D130D 2B.2.1 Database for multicountry clinical research funding opportunities in EuropeECRINDownload
D15.2D131D2B.2.2 Mapping of organisations providing support to multicountry IICSECRINDownload
D18.1D138D3.1.1 RRI GuidelinesRCNDownload
D18.2D139D3.1.1.2 RRI GuidelinesRCNDownload
D18.5D142D3.1.2.1  Working group RRI establishedRCNDownload
D20.1D149D 3.3.1 Networking platfrorm online (website and report)CSO-MOHDownload
D20.2D150D3.3.2.1 Catalogue of workshop conceptsCSO-MOHDownload